― About Alissa

Hi there! I'm Alissa (Yusoo) Lee and I am currently working as a UX Product Designer at IBM in Austin, Texas. I was born in Seoul, South Korea but have been raised in the United States my entire life. I graduated with an Industrial Design BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design.

I fell in love with the idea of being able to take complex data and everyday problems, and tease through all of that mess to provide clarity and resolution to my users. As a designer, my ultimate goal is to produce tangible solutions that address the needs of my users. My abilities to distill complex problems into comprehensible and meaningful interactions, collaborate closely with other designers, researchers, product managers, engineers and other impacted stakeholders, and ensure my designs uphold best UX practices, are the things that secure me in achieving this goal. Competency in craft comes first before anything else, and I work hard to ensure this stays true in my book.

During my spare time, I will take any chance to travel. So far I've had the amazing opportunity to visit 5 different countries, including South Korea, Iceland, Germany, Greece, and the Netherlands. I also enjoy the occasional Netflix binge-watching and spending time with friends and family.

Hit me up: ylee09@alumni.risd.edu


― Featured

The Loop

InVision, November 2017

InVision explores the IBM design thinking story up close in this short documentary that features candid interviews with General Manager Phil Gilbert, Distinguished Designers Adam Cutler, Doug Powell, and Liz Holz, and many other IBMers on the front lines of the transformation.

View the full video in InVision's Blog.

The Making of Project Monocle

IBM, July 2017

IBM tells the story of Project Monocle and how it not only provided value to its users, but also created organizational alignment to create a product with Design Thinking and user research as its driving components.

How is design driving outcomes at IBM?

O'Reilly Conference, March 2017

IBM Distinguished Designer, Doug Powell, talks about Project Monocle as an example of how design is driving outcomes at IBM at the 2017 O'Reilly Design Conference.


― Writing


Stop Pushing "UX Designer" as a Job Title

Medium, June 2018

With the UX industry being so young and roles not clearly defined, how does one really know which job is the right fit? In this post, I address the challenges that exist with the role as "UX Designer", and how one can traverse these murky waters.

Why UX Needs To Partner With User Research

Medium, August 2017

This article discusses how like an octopus, user research can inform, and be informed, by many touch points across the product experience - all from the perspective of a UX Designer.