This collection of work reflects a great amount of my personal experiences, and also demonstrates how social media and political issues have played an integral part to my artistic process. Considering our generation and the level of significant political, social, and economical issues that are being presented to the public, I as an artist feel compelled to explore that controversial and exciting realm and manifest these ideas in a way that can be understood by all audiences. I want my work to lend a hand in educating people about important issues, ideas, and cultures that exist in our world today, and how we can start to embrace these differences and share them with others.

During the process of designing this collection, I knew that I wanted a series of drawings to reflect how our society has perceived diversity - whether that comes in the form of sexuality, gender, race, etc. The last three pieces in the portfolio portray a drawing series designed to comment on our society's negligent and destructive response towards sexuality. These pieces serve to open people's eyes and see the harm and struggle that result from hurtful words or actions solely because one's beliefs or orientation differ from another's.