I Who Have networked


In today's society, the production and consumption of visual data has increased tremendously. Although we now have a vast number of applications that assist in experiencing and organizing this data, there are not many that allow users to engage and visualize their data in more meaningful manners.

This was our opportunity to create that type of experience for people - to design an augmented experience of our visual journeys and data in a more immersive and interactive way. "I Who Have Networked" is a virtual platform that engages with the physical space where users can interact with visual data informed by their social media through an immersive and meaningful experience. Please view the video and process documentation below to learn more about the project.


Project Details
Team of 3 RISD Industrial Designers. My responsibilities included:

- Researched existing interactive platforms and conducted the experiments
- Built and designed graphics and animation with Maya and After Effects
- Videographer for film
- Wrote and designed the process book