Style An Interview

Using a transcript from an interview sourced online, I republished an interview conducted between NY-based programmer and designer Jonathan Harris and The Great Discontent Magazine's interviewer Tina Essmaker. Jonathan Harris' work unveils his extraordinary abilities in finding and creating meaning through data, and constructing them into beautiful, interactive narratives, "teasing out the stories hiding in them and then presenting those stories in playful, interactive interfaces". I wanted this interview to visually reflect Jonathan Harris' affinity for data and the eccentricities that lie within that data. The cascading order of black squares demonstrates a sense of guidance and organization. By hovering over these black squares can one unveil the eccentricities of all shapes and sizes that lie beneath the monotonous configuration of the black squares.

Source: Interview by Tina Essmaker on May 30, 2014, at Cobble Hill Park, Brooklyn, New York
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Hyperlinked Artist Tour

Researching and gathering information for a provided artist and his collection of work, I created a series of hyperlinked webpages that serves as a unique tour of the artist's work. The artist I chose to focus on is Jurg Lehni, a Graphic Designer who "deals with the nuances of technology, tools, and the human condition". Jurg Lehni's work primarily comprises of work that explores different methods of reinterpreting and reinventing platforms and scenarios for production. Inspired by this method, I designed a website organized with images that are partially exposed and partially hidden, as a means of repurposing or reinventing the way we view and experience images of work, or of any sort for that matter.  

Source: Jurg Lehni's Portfolio Website <>
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RISD Shared Voice Speaker Series

Selecting at least three designs who I believe to embody the mission of the Shared Voices series, I curated my own version of the RISD Speaker Shared Voice speaker series presenting three very extinguished Industrial and Product Designers: Dieter Rams (Braun), Naoto Fukasawa (Muji, Naoto Fukasawa Design), and Jony Ive (Apple). The RISD Speaker Series announcement website exhibits profiles of these individual speakers and includes relevant information that will advise viewers on the specifics of the speaker series event. The aesthetic formality of the webpage is hugely inspired by Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good Design. It was important that this page reflect the careful consideration of simplicity and intent that Dieter Rams, as well as Naoto Fukasawa and Jony Ive, emphasizes in their design process. 

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"Shared Voices The RISD Presidential Speaker Series offers a forum for welcoming some of the most expansive thinkers off our times to campus. Each speaker is a master of his or her domain but is also ready to transcend it, sharing the RISD community's own belief in the fruitful exchange of ideas that happens when artists, designers, activists, scientists and other scholars really talk and listen to each other."